• Soldering a three-colour status LED

  • Developing a connected security camera

  • A remote control directly accessible by a Raspberry Pi

  • Tinkering with a passive infrared sensor

  • 250V relays boards are an easy option for controlling high power devices

  • Wireless data transmission without an active wifi network

Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer with a powerful electronics interface. This interface allows connecting a Raspberry Pi to all kinds of sensors, like smoke detectors, ultrasonic or temperature sensors, and actuators, like lights, motors and all sorts of electronic devices. Besides that, the Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to run as desktop computer or web server. Being programmable in the easy-to-learn, but mighty programming language Python, new devices can be developed by very small teams and complex technology can be learned by everybody with comparably low effort.

Home Automation

Control lighting, climate and everything home related remotely with a mobile phone or via voice commands. Additionally, develop security or energy management systems.


Watering, aquaphonics, a deer camera or bird house with night vision- the Raspberry Pi has many purposes in gardening and outdoors.


Suited for teaching everything from soldering over bits and bites, programming and web servers to supercomputers while giving easy access to beginners.


Design personalized home entertainment systems, custom arcade machines or eletronic instruments with little effort.


Perfect for light installations of any kind. Complex video installations and creative artworks interacting with all senses are possible and affordable.


A Raspberry Pi 2 comes with two hardware based motor driver ports. A running web server allows controlling a Raspberry Pi robot remotely.


Redukt.at stands for simplicity and accessibility, either by designing prototypes or teaching the fundamentals of computer science. Think of a Redukt like a Product, stripped from all unnecessarities; e.g. a user interface, which can be replaced by algorithmic logic and intelligent behaviour. The Microcomputer of choice for this is the Raspberry Pi with its very basic, yet powerful capabilities. A Raspberry Pi can digitalize many analogue tasks in the real world.
If you're planning a new device based on a Raspberry Pi and need some assistance, i'd be happy to help you. Or are you an educator, looking for educational cooperation? You're very welcome! My pricing is flexible and project-dependant.


I have teaching equipment including touchscreens readily available and enjoy giving courses for up to 10 people. From basic Raspberry Pi skills over prototyping fundamentals, touchscreen applications to mobile interfaces: the content will be fit to your individual needs.
Here is an introductionary workshop with the very fundamentals of Raspberry Pi usage: Sample Raspberry Pi Workshop
If you're interested in my workshops, please contact me!


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